Jamestown 4th of July Music Festival!

Jamestown CO

Jamestown CO is a gem and they have put together a great all day celebration in the park for 4th of July!

8-8:45 Kevin Dooley 9-9:45 Ben Hanna 10-10:45 Williams Family Band 11-11:45 Sara Farmer Parade 12:30 Katie national anthem 12:30-1:15 Kate Farmer 1:30-2:15 Wild Rye 2:15-2:25 Craig Brown 2:25-3:15 town photo and Wood splitting break 3:30-4:15 Clay Rose and Adam Perry 4:30-5:15 Parkin Lot 5:30-6:15 Janestown 6:30-7:15 Tom Williams 7:30-9 River Arkansas 9 fireworks 9:30-10:30... Poorfree City